Top Things To Do In Johannesburg

In this post we will cover the best and enjoyable things to do during a visit to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Lovingly called “Jo” worldwide, Johannesburg was founded in the late 19th century bevause of gold discovered in the region. It is rich in history as a former gold mining city, and is a must-visit city to get a complete South African experience. Johannesburg is the biggest and most populated city in South Africa ans has many national landmarks, zoos, parks and other monuments symbolizing its rich heritage.

If I started listing all the things to do in Johannesburg, it would take all day. So, I have included the best things and condensed them in this post. Furthermore you can take a look at Best Times To Visit South Africa to get a more tailored travelling experience.

#1 Glance at the city’s history by visiting the Apartheid Museum

Get familiar with the history of Johannesburg with a visit to it’s famous Apartheid Museum. Located on a large tract of land, the museum is a finely designed testament to south african architecture. Numerous events are conducted throughout the year to acknowledge the Apartheid which lasted from 1948-1990. You can navigate the various exhibits like the pillars of the constitution and racial segregation among others.

The museum opens daily from 9 AM – 5 Pm. The entry fee is 100R for adults and 85R for children.

#2 Enjoy the rare and exotic african wildlife at Rhino Lion Park

If you are a lover of wildlife and nature, you can explore South Africa’s beautiful animals in their natural habitat at Rhino Lion Park. Animals like Cheetahs, Lions, Buffallos and Rhinos can be seen here along with many other species of fauna and flora.

#3 If complete entertainment and fun is your goal, head out to the Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City Provides high-end entertainment with casinos, theater plays, movies, gaming arenas and theme parks.

The theme parks offers diverse rides tailored to a person’s needs. Casinos which never closes and the many tables and slots games available ensures you will never be bored. To experience an unique blend of South african history, entertainment and thrill, this is the amusement park to visit. They even offer free rides to birthday boys and girls as long as you provide enough evidence with a valid ID book, passport/driver’s license and birth certificate. How cool is that!

#4 Take a trip to the township of Soweto

A township in Johannesburg, Soweto is well known for its part in South Africa’s liberation struggles and holds a special place in it’s anti-apartheid past. Traditional south african dishes can be experienced in the restaurants here and let’s not forget the famous Vilakazi street, where former president and revolutionary Nelson Mandela and Nobel peace award winner Desmond tutu lived. The Mandela house is located in the township as well.

The nearby areas have many important landmarks like the Isaac Morrison Memorial, and Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum. If you are a history enthusiast and would like to see up close many of South Africa’s past, you will love this place.

For the adventurers looking for an adrenaline rush, bungee jumping is available from the Orlando towers here.

#5 Constitution Hill

Formerly a prison which housed many of the world’s famous leaders like Nelson Mandela, Joe Solvo, Mahatma Gandhi and Fatima Meer, the Constitution hill currently functions as a museum to South Africa’s history and as the constitutional court of South Africa. Tours are available every day giving ample opportunity for visitors to explore various exhibits like The Women’s Gaol and Number Four.

#6 Go sightseeing in a hop on hop off bus

The Double Decker red buses are a common sight on the roads of Johannesburg. Like the name suggests, you can hop on and hop off as you like and the bus travels through the city visiting up-to 16 of the major tourist destinations of Johannesburg.

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