Best Time To Visit South Africa

South Africa is one of those countries where it is possible to visit any time of the year and still have a great time. To get a more optimal and tailored trip in South Africa, it is important to know where you are visiting and what activities you plan to do during the visit.

Generally, the best times of the year to visit South Africa would be from the months of June to October as the country is under a dry winter during this period. The climate is pleasant with cool nights during this time and there are plenty of “Big 5” game (African elephant, Lions, Leopards, Rhinoceros and Cape Buffalo) and other wildlife to see via safari tours.

As a large country spanning many miles, South Africa has a varied climate in its tourist hotspots which are spread throughout the country. The seasons here are very different from countries like the UK and US from the northern hemisphere of the planet.

South Africa Seasons

Spring: September 1st to 30th November
Summer: December 1st to February 28th
Fall: March 1st to 31st May
Winter: June 1st to 31 August

Best time to visit Cape Town and winelands

Cape town is best experienced during January to March near the summer season.

Best time to visit the Garden Route

Garden route in December can be very busy and crowded, not to mention very pricey. The best time to visit Garden route would be from April to October. Please note: The Garden route tends to experience rainfall all year round.

Best time to visit South Africa for whale watching

The months from June/July to November are the best for whale watching in the coasts. Dolphins, Humpback wales and Orcas in the crystal clear waters off the coast is truly a sight to behold.

Best time to visit South Africa for bird watching

There are over 950 bird species in South AFrica, including many native and migratory species like the Blue Crane and the famous “The big 6”.  Best time for birdwatching is from October to April.


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